Because your special person in life is unlike anyone else.

Just the other day I overheard a couple walking past our gorgeous box of Sexy Red roses in a lobby of a pretty fancy high rise in River North. I got done setting up the flowers on a counter in a lobby. "Omg, these are so beautiful, I've heard about this company!" - said a woman mesmerized by our box of flowers. "I really don't get this, I mean who does this, who buys these expensive flowers! I buy flowers, what, maybe three times a year... my mom's birthday, Valentine's Day, and maybe eh... some other special occasion.." - said the man with a grim on his face. "Yeah, exactly, you just don't get it..." - replied the woman with a sigh, as they both entered the elevator and went up.

I stood there for a moment, reflecting on what I just incidentally overheard. Is this how most men are, I thought to myself? Is this an "american" thing? Is it some random guy who just isn't romantic or maybe he's allergic to flowers? So many questions. 

Then, I pulled myself out of this melancholy. This is definitely not how most men are. Flowers have always been a gesture, a statement, and most men know it. This is definitely not the "american" thing. Perhaps you could argue that european men are more accustomed to giving or sending flowers more often, but american men are not too far behind. Perhaps european men are more accustomed to spending hundreds of dollars on beautiful flowers to impress their ladies without a second thought, and american men are ok with a $12 bouquet from Jewel, nothing wrong with being frugal... but they still understand the value of giving flowers. Well, that leaves only one explanation than, that particular guy I overheard was just allergic to romance or flowers. Has to be one or the other, right?!

Your special person in life is unlike anyone else and they deserve a unique and beautiful gift of fresh flowers unlike anything else they have gotten before. Giving beautiful flowers can never go wrong. There are so many choices, even if it is not us, but a half-dozen from your corner store or one of those 1-800 places, or, perhaps, one of those "last-a-year" arrangements of painted over flowers, you make that move! Spark that romance, put a smile on her face. Or his.